Barbell Club

This session is in the past.
  • Start Date:
    Saturday, 17 February 2018 at 8:00 AM
  • Duration:
    60 Minutes
  • Instructor:

    Argee Hernandez

  • Description:
    Barbell Club (formerly known as OPEN LIFT) is a group coaching class aimed to improve your Deadlift, Squat and Bench. (Plus you will gain the benefits of lifting weights) We have a Novice, Intermediate & Experienced Program designed for you to follow at your own pace. Program choice will depend on your level of experience with the big 3 lifts. It's also open for advanced lifters that are already on a program, that just want extra coaching. This is FREE every Saturday morning for you + one lifting buddy. So bring a friend along! 
  • Notes: