Reformer Pilates (Alignment)

This session is in the past.
  • Start Date:
    Saturday, 15 January 2022 at 6:30 AM
  • Duration:
    45 Minutes
  • Instructor:

    Karlie Gleeson

  • Description:
    Our pilates classes are led by world class instructors, where you are their total focus in an intimate private setting. Alignment Pilates classes designed for beginner to intermediate level. Build the basics and move with confidence. Focus on pilates principles of centering, breathing, concentration, alignment and lengthening. Increase strength, stability, body awareness and range of movement. It’s a place to strengthen, stabilise, stretch, and balance. Once you’ve mastered the foundations try our more advanced dynamic classes.

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    - Failure to cancel your booking will result in a $10 penalty fee
  • Notes: