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  • Start Date:
    Thursday, 26 March 2020 at 6:30 AM
  • Duration:
    30 Minutes
  • Description:
    Boxing is one of our signature training program. The power of each punch involves the movements of the arms, feet, legs, core and hips, it is equivalent to mobilizing the whole body, so that the muscles of all parts can be exercised. Boxing is a very suitable for women to shape the sport, fighting pace is flexible, most of the girls who practice boxing calves thin, long legs, high breech. In boxing, the body needs to keep rotating, in order to better use the full body strength, fast punch, to complete a fatal blow. The action that core area twists ceaselessly, the shaping effect to lumbar abdomen is self-evident, very helpful to practice waistline. In addition to burning fat, shaping, and strengthening the core, boxing has many health benefits. Increased flexibility - increased flexibility and agility due to the variety of movements and coordinated movements throughout the body. Self - defense - through the hitting and fighting ability training, can improve the practitioner's awareness of self - defense and self - defense methods, in the practice of hitting and being hit naturally master the ability of self - defense.

    搏击是最好的训练腰腹方式之一 因为每一拳的发力都包含了手臂、脚、腿、核心、胯部的动作,相当于调动了全身的力量,使得各个部位的肌肉都能得到锻炼。 搏击是一项很适合女性塑形的运动,搏击步伐灵活多变,练习拳击的女孩子大多小腿细,下肢长,臀位高。打拳时,身体需要不停的旋转,才能更好的借助全身的力量,快速出拳,完成致命一击。核心区不断扭转的动作,对腰腹的塑形效果不言而喻,对练习马甲线很有帮助。
    除了燃脂、塑性、增强核心,拳击健身的好处还有很多。 提高灵活性 — 由于动作多变,全身协调调动,所以能提高整个人的灵活性和敏捷性。 自卫防身 — 通过搏击的击打和抗击打能力训练,可以提高练习者的防身意识和自卫方法,在打和被打的练习中自然而然地掌握了防身自卫的本领。
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